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July 2018
July 2018
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Woolly Writer 3rd Place Runner-Up Revealed

Thank you to everyone who entered The Woolly Writer competition! We’d like to congratulate our 3rd place contestant Stephanie Clarke on her lovely poem.

Woolly Writer 3rd Place Runner-Up Revealed

Nana and Grandad

We have been blessed with our first grandchild, yes it’s a girl!
She arrived a month early and put us all in a whirl,
But then into our heads came ideas of things we can make
Including of course, baby’s christening cake

My magazine has such great ideas,
I could crochet a bunny, just look at those ears!
I could knit her a cardi, out of lovely warm wool,
That she could wear in the evening just as it goes cool,

We have just retired, now we have time on our hands,
And now we have baby we have so many plans,
I will write her some poems in a big book,
With pictures to match, we will all take a look

For nana and grandad life is so good,
Grandad is happiest working with wood,
“I will make our baby a doll’s house” he said
Although that would mean buying a much bigger shed!

So here’s to our baby, our lovely little girl,
Our beautiful granddaughter, our little pearl
We have all these ideas, but hey let’s be bold,
Even though our angel is only three months old. 

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