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Woolly Writer 2nd Place Runner-Up Revealed

Woolly Writer 2nd Place Runner-Up Revealed

Thank you to everyone who entered The Woolly Writer competition! We’d like to congratulate our 2nd place contestant Jill Pritchard on her wonderful poem.

Another Cup Of Tea

My daughter needs a jumper,
On the front she wants to star,
My husband’s socks are full of holes,
And pay day’s just too far.

The twins are always ruining,
Their clothes with childhood play,
And I’d really like a summer top,
But it’s still two weeks till pay!

I know, I thought, my cupboards full,
With patterns, yarn and thread,
I’ll make a brew and have a look,
And make us things instead!

There’s cotton, Aran, double knit,
More wool than I can see,
There are folders full of patterns!
(I’ll make another cup of tea)

Okay, to choose a pattern,
Shall I crochet or shall I knit?
The instructions can be quite obscure,
I need to make sense of it!

So knitting’s fine, I’ve got that sussed!
Yarn over, knit and purled,
Knit two together, cast that off,
Ignore holes and edges curled

So while the kettle’s boiling,
I try out my crochet hook,
But the pattern is American!
I’ll choose another book

So finally, with hook in hand,
And all my craft supplies,
I double, treble, slip and knot,
And then to my surprise…

The pattern followed closely,
No stitch was out of place,
I thought I got it right this time
But I still can’t see his face!

It’s supposed to be a bobble hat,
But it won’t fit properly on his head,
I reach out for the biscuits,
I’ll have a cup of tea instead!

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