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What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts

What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts

The big day has arrived, everyone’s settled round the Christmas tree and you’ve just handed cousin Marie a beautiful package containing a precious handmade blanket that you’ve spent months planning and preparing. She opens it slowly and pulls it out of the wrapping. Now, the moment that every crafter dreads…what will her reaction be?

Below you’ll find the top 5 things that you should NEVER say after opening a handmade gift. Ever experienced any of these awful misdemeanours? You have our deepest sympathy, and we whole-heartedly recommend you restrict your giving of beautiful handmade items to people you know will truly appreciate it!

What is it?

NEVER say this to a crafter. Even if you have no idea what you’ve been given, simply smile, say thank you and coo over how marvellous it is. The giver will be so pleased you like it they’ll soon be explaining its many uses and functions. Patience, my friend, is key!

What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts
The dog will love it

Unless the giver has specifically stated that the gorgeous granny square blanket they’ve been slaving away over for months is for the dog or the kids or the garden shed, never suggest it will be perfect for them. This gift has been made for YOU - time to show some appreciation! We do not want to see it spread out on the cat’s favourite chair in your next Facebook photo.

What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts
Emma Leith
You should knit for a living

This reaction implies that you have no concept of the time and dedication that goes into handmade projects. If we did this as a living, even paying ourselves minimum wage, we’d have to charge hundreds. You are the lucky recipient of a treasured gift, not our first customer!

What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts
Erika Knight
You're so old-fashioned

We love our grandmas, we really do, but just because we knit it doesn’t mean we’re ready to retire. You might choose to spend your free time partying or shopping, but we like to spend ours chilling out and making beautiful things - we think we’re winning.

What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts
Hedgehog Fibres

OK - so there are worse reactions than “Thanks”, but seriously? I’ve sweated for weeks over that silky cashmere scarf and all you can muster is a whispered thanks before rushing onto the next present? No more handknits for you, pal.

What Not To Say When Opening Handmade Gifts
Frazzled Knits

What is the worst reaction you’ve received to a handmade present? We’re dying to know! Tell us at Facebook or Twitter.

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