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What Is Loom Knitting?

What Is Loom Knitting?

To loom or not to loom – that is the question! Be enlightened by the perks of loom knitting with our quick guide…

So many of us are strictly hand knitters, and the thought of using a tool other than our standard needles fills us with uncertainty. There’s no harm, however, in mixing things up once in a while. Loom knitting will be familiar to those of you who played with a knitting Nancy as a child, which is the oldest member of the loom family dating back over 400 years. But creating narrow tubing with a Nancy is a thing of the past – nowadays you can buy much larger multi-pronged looms, allowing you to create accessories, toys and homeware with just a few simple tools.

When did you first try loom knitting?
As with most of us, my first experience of loom knitting was a four-pronged knitting Nancy, making long lengths of quite pointless tubing. However, in my previous job as a Product Developer for children’s craft kits, I dabbled a little. Writing my new book Loom Knitting pushed me to experiment with larger, more adventurous projects.

What do you love about it?
I love working out a new stitch or technique; it really challenges me and gets my brain working. Especially if it’s a pattern made for hand knitting and I’m trying to translate it into loom knitting. It’s like learning a language in some respects.

Can you explain the benefits compared to hand knitting?
You don’t lose all your stitches if they fall off the needles! I’m also not normally that keen on knitting in the round, particularly on needles, but a knitting loom makes it so simple – projects that you might never normally tackle become quite achievable.

What would you say to someone who’s never loom knitted before?
Give it a try! It’s very relaxing because you can just pick away at it in the evening in front of the TV or on a bus or train if you have a long commute. It’s very transportable.

What’s your favourite thing to make with a loom?
I loved teaching myself to knit socks. I don’t think I would have tackled them on a pair of needles but they were pretty simple to master on a loom. I think I’ll be making more!

Loom Knitting Book
Find 35 inspiring projects in Loom Knitting by Lucy Hopping (£12.99, CICO Books)

Loom Knitting Kit

- Round or rectangular loom set
- Plastic sewing needle
- Pick
- Yarn

Round Knitting Loom 6-Piece Set, £8,

If you love learning new skills, head to our How To Crochet tab.

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