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The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns

Who else can’t wait for Halloween? Thanks to the spooktacular creativity that crafters demonstrate, it’s one of the best times of the year – after all, what is more fun than vibrant colours, tasty treats and excited trick-or-treaters in costumes? In fact, the day doesn’t need to be all over-the-top scares and hyper-realistic creepy decorations – sometimes, the best way to celebrate the day is with some cute cuddly toys!

We’ve rounded up some of the most adorable Halloween crochet toys out there, all for you to enjoy! Why not crochet one or two to hold while watching a delightful movie with friends or family? Alternatively, they’re great for comforting little ones who are scared by Halloween costumes and decorations, to show them that the ‘spooky’ theme isn’t so bad. Several of these patterns are written up with American abbreviations, so if you fancy making them, be sure to translate them with our handy guide.

1. Zombie and Devil Dolls

This mischievous duo might look like they’re up to no good, but they’re definitely more cheeky than scary. These pals are based on the same pattern, so you’ll get the hang of them in no time. That leaves more time to get creative and experiment with different facial expressions, cuts and bruises!

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Sarah Louise Read
2. Pretty Little Ghost

How precious is this little lady ghost? With her pretty bow, eyelashes and rosy cheeks, she’s a delight to behold. Plus, she takes only two hours to make! Add a Halloween themed button when you get to her skirt for a sweet and spooky accessory.

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Winding Road Crochet
3. Frank the Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s monster is back again, but this time he’s made of yarn! Try out different colour combinations and you’ll soon have a whole gang of Halloween beasts ready to play tricks on your guests!

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
4. Mini Pumpkins

These tiny gourds make the perfect fun carved pumpkin toys – simply embroider a face with black yarn or attach bits of felt, and take inspiration from your favourite emojis if you aren’t sure what face to add

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Hannah Cooper
5. Cuddly Candy Corn

Zero calories but still full of sweetness, meet the cutest crochet candy corn you will ever see! With its friendly smile and welcoming outstretched arms, you’ll surely be hoping to find one of these tasty treats in your trick-or-treating bag

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Repeat Crafter Me
6. Sitting Cats

A black cat is a witch’s ultimate companion, but these cute felines bring anything but bad luck. Autumnal shades of burnt orange and grey create the perfect Halloween trio. Try adding a pipe cleaner into the tail to make it bendable - the position of a tail can add instant personality to these cats!

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Repeat Crafter Me
7. Sharlotte the Spider

This sweet critter will be a welcome guest in your house this October, but watch out for her yarn shaped webs! Sharlotte is crocheted in continuous spirals, so to keep track of each round, try using a stitch marker or different colour yarn.

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Yarn Society
8. Baby Ghost Ornaments

Boo! But wait - no one has ever been scared by a baby ghost! The cute rosy cheeks on this Halloween ornament means that this no-sew character is bound to be loved by even the littlest trick-or-treaters.

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Josephine Wu
9. Mini Witch and her Pussycat

Don’t be afraid if this witchy duo casts a spell on your crafting, it’ll only help your makes turn out even better! This tiny cat is only 1.5 inches tall, making him the perfect companion for a mini amigurumi witch. Be sure to sew up the cat’s base tightly so he can sit on a flat surface (or broomstick!).

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
LucyRavenscar Crochet Creatures
10. Little Bat

Bring a pop of colour into your Halloween festivities with this lovely pink bat toy. The contrasting wings, ears and nose means that this little buddy is fun and playful, rather than serious and spooky!

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Irene Strange
11. Smiley Scarecrow

This fun, goofy-looking character might not be scaring anyone, but he does double as a trick or treating bag. He measures approximately 30cm tall from the top of the handle to the bottom of the feet, so your little ones will be able to collect lots of yummy treats.

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Moji-Moji Design
12. Mr Skeleton

Mr Skeleton has grabbed his tallest, deepest hat in the hope of collecting more sweets this year. His fancy attire makes him the perfect guest at any Halloween party, despite his silly expression!

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
13. Mr K the Vampire

Make sure to keep the garlic firmly in the kitchen if you’re planning on crafting Mr K the Vampire! His dapper waistcoat features a monogrammed initial, so it can be personalised to suit any name you like. He makes the perfect Halloween gift for your your own little monsters!

The Cutest Halloween Crochet Patterns
Snacksies Handicraft Corner
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