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Start A 365 Day Project Today

Start A 365 Day Project Today

The idea of a 365 knitting or crochet project is to add one row, square or shape per day for an entire year. You can alter the colours to document what kind of mood you were in, what colour the sky was, what the temperature was or something else entirely. When the year is up, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind project that’s completely personal to you.

Mood scarf

Document your mood at the end of each day and add rows to your scarf to represent each one. Orange for thrilled, yellow for calm, green for hesitant or blue for stressed - you get the picture!

Start A 365 Day Project Today
Sky scarf

Become a meteorologist and keep track of the weather with a one-of-a-kind sky scarf, whether it’s an inky black thunderstorm or a clear sapphire blue day.

Start A 365 Day Project Today
10-stitch blanket

This clever pattern only involves knitting ten stitches per row. You start in the centre and work in a square spiral, joining as you go. There’s no fiddly ends to sew up and it soon grows if you work on it every day.

Start A 365 Day Project Today
Temperature scarf

You’ve documented your mood and the weather, now keep track of the temperature with this impressive stripy scarf project - perfect for the ever-changing weather of Britain!

Start A 365 Day Project Today
Dual-location blanket

The two colours in each square of this blanket represent the daily high temperatures in the knitter’s hometown and the city she now calls home. It’s made up of mitred squares that are joined as you work.

Start A 365 Day Project Today
Beekeeper's quilt

This cosy number is made of little stuffed honeycomb-shaped puffy pockets called hexipuffs. Knit them on the go then sew them all together at the end into a marvellously squishy quilt.

Start A 365 Day Project Today
Amineko cat

If you don’t need another scarf or blanket in your life, try a toy that is 365 rows tall, then record the temperature or your mood by crocheting each round in a different colour.

Start A 365 Day Project Today
Year-long afghan

If one square a day seems a bit much, how about one square a month with this gorgeous nine-piece blanket?

Start A 365 Day Project Today

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