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Crochet Zodiac – Pisces

Crochet Zodiac – Pisces

Hello to all you Pisces crocheters! If your birthday falls under this watery sign, you’ll be known for your empathetic, kind and affectionate nature, always keen to treat others as you’d like to be treated. Selfless and compassionate, you’re the one who’ll step in to offer help if someone in your crochet group is struggling with a project. What’s more, you put the ones you love above anyone else, so your makes will more often than not be for other people.

On the downside, Pisces can also be escapists, so if you make a mistake in your crocheting, you may just give up rather than go back and fix it. This won’t be helped by your idealistic nature, where you’ll think something isn’t good enough if it isn’t 100% perfect. Cut yourself some slack and remember that even the best designers had to learn the hard way! Resolve to complete that half-finished garment, toy or accessory in your craft bag, then treat yourself to something special – you’ve earned it!

Famous Pisces: Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Glenn Close, Rihanna, Emily Blunt, Drew Barrymore, Holly Hunter

Floaty and feminine, this lovely Green Motifs dress pattern will suit Pisces crocheters to perfection. £5.95, click here

Crochet Zodiac – Pisces

What could be more appropriate for a Pisces than a cute set of goldfish stitch markers? £9.51, Little Shop of Clays, click here

Crochet Zodiac – Pisces

Need ideas for a present to make? Be inspired by 100 Little Crochet Gifts To Make by Anna Nikipirowicz. £12.99, Search Press, click here

Crochet Zodiac – Pisces

Crochet something luxurious using Fyberspates Gleem Lace yarn in oceanic shades of Sea Green. £15.99, click here

Crochet Zodiac – Pisces

Treat yourself to a Lindsay Lucas Pisces candle, scented with kiwi and watermelon, to enjoy as you crochet. £5.99, click here

Crochet Zodiac – Pisces

Like knitting as well as crochet? Download this FREE Star Sign pattern from our sister title, Let’s Knit, and make your symbol, Pisces! Click here

Crochet Zodiac – Pisces
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