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Crochet Zodiac - Aries

Crochet Zodiac - Aries

It’s the month of Aries and those of you born under the sign of the Ram are energetic, upbeat and enthusiastic – the sort of go-getters who like to make things happen. You love to try new things and take risks, so are quite likely to leap straight into an advanced project, even if you’ve never crocheted before! You’re also prepared to meet a challenge head-on, no matter how tough, and your passion and positivity will give everyone in your crochet group a boost.

Other traits you share with the Ram however is being stubborn, even if you’re tackling a project in the wrong way. You can also be impulsive and impatient – we all want to dive into a pattern right away, but it really is worth reading it all the way through first! Some Aries may also have a habit of being distracted by something new and leaving projects half-finished, but if you really want to improve at your crochet, it’s worth staying the distance (as long as you’re still enjoying yourself, of course!) As an added incentive, you can reward yourself with a treat from our list once you’re done.

Famous Aries: Nancy Pelosi, Emma Thompson, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, Emma Watson, Mary Berry

Aries love big and bold fashion – particularly headwear – so this Stylecraft hat pattern with huge pom-pom should fit the bill! £2.95, click here

Crochet Zodiac - Aries

If there’s one thing you love, it’s a challenge – take on this huge Jupiter Footstool DIY Crochet Kit, in a variety of colours. From £77.99, click here

Crochet Zodiac - Aries

Develop your technique to perfection with the aid of The Crocheter’s Skill-Building Workshop by Dora Ohrenstein, £14.99, click here

Crochet Zodiac - Aries

Red suits Aries’ fiery nature, so how about this chunky Crazy Sexy Wool in an eye-catching lipstick shade? £17, click here

Crochet Zodiac - Aries

Go-getting Aries will enjoy Arena Travel’s range of Stitchtopia crochet holidays to locations such as France, Norway and the Netherlands, including workshops with leading designers, click here

Crochet Zodiac - Aries

Try your hand at knitting by downloading this FREE Star Sign pattern from our sister title, Let’s Knit, and make your symbol, Aries! Click here

Crochet Zodiac - Aries
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