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Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever

There’s no denying it: crochet flowers will always be popular. And for good reason. Not only are they pretty little marvels, but they’re everlasting… and that’s more than we can say for the real varieties! They can help you mix up your gifting, they make perfect wedding accompaniments, they can dress up a garment or accessory, they can be used for gorgeous homeware ideas, they make great party favours – the list truly goes on.

We’ve rounded up a selection of free crochet patterns, featuring no less than 47 different flower varieties. Sunflowers, roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, dahlias, irises… and that’s just a smattering of what’s in store. You’ll also have the chance to perfect your crochet skills and learn new ones. Plus, we up the ante with extra materials – incorporate embroidery hoops, chenille sticks and even plastic straws into your crafting. And if you’d rather keep supplies low and difficulty to a minimum, don’t worry. We’ve got lots of projects to suit beginners – make sure you check out the mini individual flowers.

Take a look-see…

Mini Flowers

Magic your yarn remnants into a riot of pretty blooms for projects with Lucinda Ganderton’s designs! There are seven gorgeous varieties in this set: a daffodil, sunflower, blossom, star flower, circle flower, big daisy and little daisy. Use DK yarns from your stash in the colours of your choosing. Find them here.

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever
Smiley Flowers

The cheery faces and sunny colours make these two smiling flowers perfect year-round blooms. Put them in pots for a table or tie with ribbon for a faux bouquet. Sarah Louise Read has stuffed the stalks firmly to prevent the flowers from drooping so little hands can easily hold them. The head and stalk are worked in one piece, with the petals added after, so be sure to dress them in their petals quickly!

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever
Flower Garland

Who doesn’t love to drape flowers over a mantelpiece or around a banister? Our garland is the perfect embellishment to waken up an interior after a spring clean. When making this floral festoon, one option is to make all the blooms first, then sew together at the petal tips, using the photo as a guide. Alternatively, if you’d like to use the ‘join as you go’ method, see the Special Abbreviations panel. It introduces you to the use of the ‘one chain join’ stitch.

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever
Bouquet Crochet-Along

Here is a crochet-along worth joining: Build A Bouquet. Lynne Rowe will teach you how to make 12 beautiful single-stemmed blooms. By the end of this CAL, you’ll have a bustling bouquet good enough to rival any real arrangement. Here’s the general process. Each flower head is made first, then a back base if needed to cover up the join and make it look neat. Then a stem is attached, which is crafted from florist’s wire, a chenille stick and tape – the former two need to be at least 30cm long. This creates an authentic-looking stem, designed to take the weight of the flower head. Here is part one, part two and part three.

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever
Mini Flowers #2

Featuring a variety of colours, these six flower patterns capture the freshness and brightness of nature and will certainly make a statement in the home. Alternatively, you can attach them to a bag, hat, headband or even a dress – you’ll surely add a stylish touch whatever you choose.

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever
Stemmed Roses

This simple rose pattern by Emma Varnam is made up of two circular outer petals and a tubular inner petal. Finish your pretty creation by crocheting around a garden wire to make a stem. Use extra yarn from your stash to make a whole bouquet of roses – perfect for weddings and anniversaries!

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever
Flower Bouquet

If you are a beginner, start with Tracey Todhunter’s rose or spike flowers, before moving onto the gerberas and daffodils. The stems are cunningly made from plastic drinking straws and green yarn. Crafted flower bouquets are a big wedding trend right now so why not adapt this pattern to suit your special day? Find the patterns here.

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever
Flower Embroidery Hoop

Kath Webber has crocheted a beautiful selection of five flowers. They can be used in all manner of ways, but we wanted to try a bit of hoop art for the home. If you’re nifty with a needle and thread, give an embroidered phrase a go. Not so confident? Perhaps you could buddy up with a crafty friend! Discover the project here.

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever
Spike Flower

Magic your yarn remnants into this pretty bloom that can be whipped up in a few minutes, then use it to embellish your projects. It’s perfect for beginners, especially if any of the previous patterns have looked too intimidating – start small, then move on to bigger and better things! Find the pattern here.

Crochet Flowers: 47 Patterns To Admire Forever

Love these patterns? Make sure you check out our full crochet flower archive here.

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