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9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations

Every year we are lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate a whole range of events and occasions, each deserving a big celebration. If you’re in charge of planning the festivities, you’ll be needing to gather some decorations to jazz up the location of your get-together. From Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day to big milestones like a 21st birthday, party decorations can really boost the atmosphere of the event and help everyone get into the celebratory spirit.

Crocheted decorations can be used year after year, and what makes them even more special is the memories they will hold as time goes on. We’ve rounded up some great patterns that would look fabulous at any party you’ve got in the works.

1. Valentine’s Day

Why not whip up a sugary treat for the sweetest people in your life? No party is complete without a cake, and no cake is complete without a topper! This pattern is super quick to make up, so it’s the perfect project for a last-minute surprise. Just make sure to be extra careful if you decide to light candles near the wool.

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
Sarah Hazell
2. Baby shower

A new arrival is certainly something to celebrate! A pom-pom mobile can be used as décor at a baby shower, and the expectant mother can take it home as a gift for the nursery, too. With the right colour scheme and an on-trend ombré effect, you can create a mobile that will wow guests of all ages. Use a pom-pom maker and you’ll be able to whip this dec up in no time and then display it with pride – it looks great hanging in a window!

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
Sarah-Jane Hicks
3. Dinner party

A dinner party is such a special way to celebrate with loved ones, as it gives you a chance to sit down and have some meaningful conversations. To make the event feel truly fancy, try laying out some fabric napkins held together with handmade crochet napkin rings. This pattern is super versatile, too, as with some longer strips at the start you can create a unique chunky bracelet!

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
Irene Strange
4. Housewarming party

Moving house gives you a chance to welcome family and friends to celebrate your new home with a housewarming party, but if you’ve just moved in, you may be lacking in décor. The small pennants on this string of bunting instantly brighten up plain white walls, and you can customise the colours to suit whatever scheme you like. For a personalised touch, try embroidering a celebratory message onto the flags. You can also keep them plain for a decoration that looks great all year round.

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
Corinne Bradd
5. Garden party

When summer comes around, getting outside and enjoying the sunshine is at the top of everyone’s to-do list. A hanging garland makes the perfect backdrop for photos, so you can treasure the memories of your holidays forever. To make this easy garland, all you need to do is make up a whole load of pom-poms, then crochet a chain to suspend them from. This is your chance to get creative with colours - go for a sophisticated monochrome scheme, or go wild using all the colours in the rainbow.

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
Corinne Bradd
6. Children’s birthday

Balloons are a party staple but the more eco-conscious among us may have concerns about their single-use nature, and the amount of time they’ll last on our planet after the party has ended. Fear not, as you can always crochet some cute balloons that can be used year after year. These ones look great in any colour, and the best part is they won’t make anyone jump, as they can’t pop!

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
June Gilbank
7. Party hat

If you’re after an all-rounder option, party hats are a surefire way to mark a celebration no matter what the occasion. From birthday parties to New Year’s Eve, if there’s an excuse to wear some silly headgear, why not take it? Typically made of cardboard, the fun hats are usually pretty flimsy, so a crocheted version is a great keepsake that can be passed down the generations. If there’s a guest of honour at the party, you could even crochet them a special hat in their own colour to make them stand out from the crowd.

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
8. 21st Birthday

Turning 21 is a huge milestone, and if you’re partial to a drink every now and then, you’ll know that a drop of champagne is the ultimate way to celebrate. This crocheted bottle, dubbed ‘Mr Champus’ by it’s creator, makes a great prop if you’re having a photobooth station at your party!

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
9. Christmas wreath

We just can’t get enough of pom-poms! Welcome your guests in style with a bright and colourful wreath that sits in pride of place on your front door. For an added festive touch, you could adhere baubles to the front of the wreath, but any kind of embellishments will work if you’re after a less seasonal make.

9 Amazing Crocheted Party Decorations
Sarah-Jane Hicks
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