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8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

With the release of the new Lion King film a hot topic, we thought it would be the perfect time to share these cute amigurumi patterns that are all available to download online. For those of you that are itching to see the new movie, directed by Jon Favreau, why not channel your inner Disney fangirl and Simba-taneously get your fix with these cleverly designed characters. Guaranteed to make you feel king of the jungle, your very own Pumbaa and Timon will be by your side to carry you through life’s woes. Hakuna Matata after all, right?


Throughout the film we see Simba grow into a man and eventually a king (spoiler alert!) and you can replicate exactly that with this pattern. If you’re looking for a cub-like Simba simply do not add the long locks of red hair, and if you’re looking to make the new leader of the kingdom, add on the mane. We love this versatility and so should you.

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

There is always a place for a big baddy on screen, but we’re finding it impossible to stay mad at this miniature amigurumi Scar. Similar to Simba in body and face, the main difference with this pattern is the darker shades and new ‘do, making him frightfully fierce.

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

Nala in Swahili means ‘gift’ and what better name for this set of characters. Why not make someone’s day and present them with their favourite animals bringing the jungle out of the screen and into real life!

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns
Shenzi, Banzai and Ed

This sweet design can be used for either Shenzi, Banzai or Ed as the not-so-sweet hyenas. If you’re really looking to go all out, why not try making all three with varying facial expressions to differentiate between each character?

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

Get your colourful yarns out at the ready for this design, which is undoubtedly the prettiest of characters (we think so anyway).

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

It wouldn’t be Lion King without the fantastic duo Timon and Pumbaa, so here is the part one of the twosome.

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

Whilst this design comes with a bit of extra crafting – making Rafiki’s bakora staff of course – it is by far one of our favourites. Just look at how soft his beard is to touch!

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

Aha at last, Timon has his partner in crime, the pair are reunited and the show must go on. This is the final character in the set and probably one of the simplest to create too. Don’t forget to add on the soft fluffy yarn to make his brilliant mane that is instantly recognisable to any Lion King fan. Even from a distance.

8 Roar-some Lion King Amigurumi Patterns

​If you enjoyed these amigurumi patterns, be sure to check out our website for more miniature animal patterns at You’ll be crocheting the whole jungle soon!

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