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8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around

When you think of crochet, there are certain projects that instantly spring to mind. Blankets, scarves, cardigans and maybe even some cute makes for a newborn baby are all classic crochet favourites, but as always, the crafting community’s creativity knows no limits! If you look hard enough, there are some truly remarkable patterns out there, branching out drastically from the usual safe projects we know and love. 

We’ve rounded up some of the most unusual makes we could find, and whether you attempt these wacky projects or not, we hope they make you smile anyway!

1. Chair socks

Crocheted socks are a must-have item, but it's not just your own feet that could do with a little extra protection. Some adorable animal feet are a great way to adorn the bottom of your furniture, and they’re such a fun project to make, too. Not only do these socks look super cute at the bottom of your chair, but they also protect wooden floors from scratches. And don’t just stop at chairs – chests of drawers and bedside tables could also be given the yarn treatment

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around
Hannah Cooper
2. Crocodile pencil case

This friendly crocodile pal is the perfect place to store all of your colouring supplies! The zipper around the mouth doubles as a clever toothy smile, so it looks like the croc is gobbling up the pencils. You can mix and match the coloured stripes to fully personalise this fun case, making it a great gift idea for kids and adults alike.

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around
Irene Strange
3. Sheep scarf & slippers

Slippers and scarves are two of the most common crochet projects around. But when you add a fluffy sheep into the mix, this project is taken from usual to unusual in an instant! Funny hoof-shaped slippers and a wraparound sheep’s body for your neck will both keep you warm and make you laugh this winter. Both of these projects can be made from either thick or thin yarn, so choose your desired weight depending on how big you would like your makes to turn out. 

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around
4. Monster feet slippers

Staying on the slipper theme, discover some scary-but-fun monster feet! This project is great for letting kids use their imagination and playing monsters with their friends, but adults who are still children at heart might also love chilling at home in these funky slippers. Don’t feel like you have to make both slippers from the same colour – they’ll be even more fun if you mix and match each element of the design. If you don’t want to be slipping around on wooden floors, some dots of puffy paint across the bottom of the slippers make great non-skid additions.

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around
5. Fringed feathers

These fringed feathers make a real statement in any room, especially when you choose vibrant pops of bright pink and orange. They can always be toned down, though, and a great suggestion is to use festive tones and create an unusual twist on a Christmas decoration. These feathers are made using macramé, but you can easily switch to crochet if you prefer.

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around
Corinne Bradd
6. Viking beard

Go back to the viking era with a hilarious helmet and beard combination! These fun makes are perfect for a fancy dress party, but if you're brave you could even wear your creation outside to keep you warm in the winter

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around
7. Balloon dog

A cute amigurumi dog isn’t so unusual, and neither is a little crocheted balloon. But combine the two, and you’ll get a project which will really wow your recipient! These crochet balloon animals are such an adorable toy, and unlike a real balloon animal, they’re perfect for beginners. Plus, the best part is, they'll never pop!

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around
8. Christmas tree hat

Christmas is such a special time of year, so what better way to celebrate than with a giant Christmas tree hat?! This hilarious make will be sure to impress at all your festive gatherings, as it’s packed with added details like a cute fluffy pom-pom topper and lovely colourful yarn baubles. You could even go one step further and add some battery-powered LED lights around the tree, for an extra twinkle!

8 of the Most Unusual Crochet Projects Around
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