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15 Cosy Makes for Autumn

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn

As the weather starts to cool and the nights get longer, we give a solemn farewell to summer but an eager greeting to autumn – after all, who can resist the warm hues, crunching leaves, comfy jumpers and pumpkin-flavoured food and drinks of the season?

To celebrate everything that makes these months great, we’ve put together a few of our favourite autumnal crochet patterns, from tea cosies and jewellery to cute amigurumi and pillow covers – no matter your skill level or crochet preference, you’re bound to find something you love in this varied list. So, gather your hooks and yarn, ready a warm drink and enjoy these 15 cosy makes for autumn.

1. Autumn Leaves

Bring the outside in without any of the mess with these lovely autumnal motifs by Emma Varnam; they can be used as sweet themed coasters, embellishments or just charming decorations for the coffee table and around the home. The pattern will teach you how to do surface slip stitch, where the stitches are worked through the fabric of your piece, but if you find it fiddly, you can create the details of the leaves with a chain stitch.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Autumn Leaves by Emma Varnam
2. Mini Pumpkins

Hannah Cooper’s cute little gourds look good enough to eat and represent all the tasty goodies that are available exclusively in autumn. Plus, with Halloween just around the corner, you can easily embroider a spooky face on them for some fun decorations. The pattern uses stuffing to achieve its lovely round shape, which can be a little tricky to handle – if you’re struggling to pull the yarn tight enough, remove some stuffing to make it easier.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Mini Pumpkins by Hannah Cooper
3. Kangaroo and Joey

While a kangaroo might not be the first thing you think of when you consider autumn, the cosiness of a baby cuddling up to his mother can’t be denied. Plus, Irene Strange’s pattern is crocheted in a delightful combination of red, orange and yellow yarn, for delightful stripy results. Don’t worry if you’re new to amigurumi, the duo is made up of just the four most common stitches – easy peasy!

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Kangaroo and Joey by Irene Strange
4. Lampshade Cover

Covers and cosies are a great way to give your interiors a seasonal update without actually changing your furnishings, and this lampshade cover by Sarah Shrimpton would definitely look amazing in a cosy living room. At first glance, the rounds in this project may look lengthy and confusing, but they’re actually really simple to master. Just make sure your cover sits snug on the intended lampshade – if you crochet it too loose, the cover may slide off over time.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Lampshade Cover by Sarah Shrimpton
5. Simple Flower Mittens

Big, bold and fabulously British, these crocheted mittens by Helen Free are the perfect accessory for the season – the Shetland wool yarn and rustic orange shade just scream cosiness. Plus, they’re super quick and simple to make, so you could crochet them in an evening, sat comfortably in front of the fire. Since the pattern is worked lengthways, it’s really easy to get a custom fit, too, so they’re suitable for any size hands.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Simple Flower Mittens by Helen Free
6. Happy Pennant

As the weather cools and the sun starts to disappear, those who suffer from winter blues can often use a bit of a pick-me-up, and this cheerful pennant by Kath Webber is perfect for just such a job. Why not crochet one for a close friend or family member, and watch their face light up? You can easily change the wording to something more personal, just check the helpful guide on how to create it.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Happy Pennant by Kath Webber
7. Baby Bunnies

Dressed in their favourite pyjamas, these cute little amigurumi rabbits by Sarah-Jane Hicks are ready for a warm cuddle under the blankets. They make the perfect present for little ones and expectant parents – just remember to switch out the eye beads for french knots if you’re giving them to young children. If you don’t have any spare fabric for the cute hearts, try adding a yarn one using surface crochet instead.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Baby Bunnies by Sarah-Jane Hicks
8. Crochet Necklace

This charming three-strand beauty by Tilley Bancroft is perfect for the season with its combination of pink and orange yarn. It’s a fun opportunity to learn a new technique, too, as the inside strand uses the yummy-sounding popcorn stitch to achieve the bud shapes. You can crochet all three strands together, or just choose your favourite for a simple yet elegant necklace.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Crochet Necklace by Tilley Bancroft
9. Potholder Shapes

From a woven square made up of six simple pieces to a retro seventies-esque spiral circle, at least one of Christine Harvey’s vibrant potholders is sure to grab your attention. The crocheted yarn will help protect your hands from heat when handling warm panhandles, but to be extra careful you can make the potholders even thicker – just supersize the yarn or make each design twice and sew or crochet them together.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Potholder Shapes by Christine Harvey
10. Striped Mug Cosies

What’s better than a hot brew on a chilly morning? A hot brew served in a stylish autumnal mug! Christine Harvey’s contemporary covers are made up of simple trebles, making them a great project for those wanting to try some simple colourwork techniques. The pattern is also very adaptable, which means you can use it as a basis for both large and small cups and mugs.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Striped Mug Cosies by Christine Harvey
11. Rollneck Bears

These teddies are definitely ready for the chillier weather with their cute jumpers and roll-up collars. They even have little hearts on their chests to show their love – why not gift one to someone special? Sarah-Jane Hicks has crocheted the pair with wide-eyed inquisitive expressions, but you can easily embroider a different facial expression for a truly personalised bear.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Rollneck Bears by Sarah-Jane Hicks
12. Heart Decorations

Nothing warms the heart better than a display of love, and Irene Strange’s crocheted hearts are perfect for just that. You can use them as cute brooches, embellishments or decorations to hang from the ceiling or door handles – why not string a few together with ribbon to make a lovely, feminine bunting, perfect for a loving family gathering, baby shower or a little girl’s room.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Heart Decorations by Irene Strange
13. Granny Square Caddy

This handy yarn caddy by Sarah Shrimpton is made by just joining five granny squares together, using a double crochet edging. Each side features a pretty sunburst motif in vibrant red, orange and yellow yarns, and measures approximately 15cm square – for a bigger caddy, simply make bigger granny squares. To save time when making the squares, work over the yarn tails as you go. That way, you can just snip them off at the end.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Granny Square Caddy by Sarah Shrimpton
14. Daisy Cushion

Much like the lampshade cover, this lovely project by Jackie Carreira is great for giving your home a seasonal update without buying anything new. It’s a more challenging project, though, so make sure you’ve done your practice and don’t be ashamed to backtrack. If you want to make a bigger flower motif, keep repeating rounds 10 and 11 until it reaches your desired size.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Daisy Cushion by Jackie Carreira
15. Stripy Tea Cosy

The wonderful colours of this cosy are guaranteed to brighten any dreary afternoon, especially if it’s accompanied by tea and a slice of cake! Ali Campbell’s cosy pairs brilliantly with the striped mug cosies, so why not crochet a whole tea set? While working on this pattern, just make sure to start each row of the main body on the right-hand side, and fasten off at the end of each row on the left.

15 Cosy Makes for Autumn
Stripy Tea Cosy by Ali Campbell
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