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9 Amazing Yarns and Why We Love Them

9 Amazing Yarns and Why We Love Them

There are so many different types of yarn on the market, so it can be tricky to settle on the perfect material for each project. Whether you’re looking for a classic traditional yarn, or an unusual fibre for some one of a kind makes, you’re sure to find something out there that satisfies your crocheting desires. We’ve selected a few of our most loved yarns, so you can weigh up their benefits and choose one that’ll really make your projects shine!

1. Wool

Wool is the most common type of yarn on the crafting market - you’ll find it in pretty much any craft store you enter! There’s no debating its benefits, as wool is a great all rounder yarn, and ideal for practising your crochet stitches. You can easily unravel your projects and go back and fix any mistakes… no one will ever know!

9 Amazing Yarns and Why We Love Them
Kath Webber
2. Cotton

Cotton yarn doesn’t have much stretch, so it might be a bit tricky to work with the first time you try it. But don’t be put off, because cotton is an ideal fabric for summer makes, as it’s much lighter than wool. Plus, it’s super absorbent, making it a great option for kitchen crafts

9 Amazing Yarns and Why We Love Them
3. Acrylic

If you’re a beginner, acrylic is a great yarn to start off with. It’s a great day-to-day yarn to keep well stocked in your stash, as it’s affordable, easy to wash, and pretty durable. Plus, it comes in a huge variety of colours! Why not try making some cute amigurumi toys with acrylic yarn?

9 Amazing Yarns and Why We Love Them
Hannah Cooper
4. Alpaca

If you’re planning a project to keep yourself warm, such as a hat or a cardigan, a natural fibre is the best option. These materials are known for being exceedingly warm, yet still having breathable tendencies to keep you comfortable. Soft alpaca wool is a great choice if you’re crafting a gift for a baby, as it doesn’t contain lanolin, which is the cause of many wool allergies.

9 Amazing Yarns and Why We Love Them
5. Bamboo

Crocheting with bamboo yarn is a great solution if you’ve got an eye on eco-friendly crafting. Bamboo can be harvested without killing the plant, and the removed material is regenerated within months. Not only that, bamboo is biodegradable, too, meaning you can make as many projects as you like, guilt free!

6. Hemp

Another great choice for those eco-conscious crafters is hemp yarn, which also comes from a renewable source. It’s grown without pesticides and herbicides, and is easily machine washable, making it the perfect material to use on projects for your little crafters.

9 Amazing Yarns and Why We Love Them
Clare Trowbridge
7. Cashmere

Cashmere is a highly sought after fabric, which has definitely got a reputation for luxury! With an extremely soft, almost silky finish, this valuable yarn provides all the warmth of other natural fibres without any of the itchiness. Considering it will take a year for 2-3 goats to produce enough material for just one garment, its safe to say this yarn should be saved for your most special projects!

9 Amazing Yarns and Why We Love Them
8. Plastic bags

No, you didn’t read that wrong, you really can crochet with old plastic bags! Your unused bags can be cut into thin strips to create a product called ‘plarn’. This is a great way to reuse old plastic that would otherwise go to landfill, and you can create some really unique products in the meantime. Some retailers also offer pre-made recycled yarn, perfect if you want to be eco-conscious but you’re in a time crunch!

9. Pom pom yarn

Crochet projects are often cute and fun, so we love using pom pom yarn to add an extra adorable accent to our projects. It’s often used as a trim alongside a more traditional yarn, but don’t underestimate the power of the pom-poms! Fuzzy rugs, pillows and scarves can all be crocheted using pom pom yarn alone, with outstanding results.

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