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Jane Doll: Her Beret & Bag

Excuse us crocheters, but as you know... we love knitting too! The marvellous Jane Doll appeared in issue 89 of Let's Get Crafting: Knitting & Crochet, and we've got her accessories here for you to make...

Jane Doll: Her Beret & Bag

Jane Doll Beret

Using 3mm needles and Yarn E cast on 36 sts
Rows 1-3 (ws): k
Row 4: kfb in each st to end. 72 sts
Rows 5-13: st st
Row 14: (k5, sl2tog kwise, k1, psso, k4) to end. 60 sts
Row 15 and every odd-numbered row: p
Row 16:
(k4, sl2tog kwise, k1, psso, k3) to end. 48 sts
Row 18: (k3, sl2tog kwise, k1, psso, k2) to end. 36 sts
Row 20: (k2, sl2tog kwise, k1, psso, k1) to end. 24 sts
Row 22: (k1, sl2tog kwise, k1, psso) to end. 12 sts
Row 24: (k2tog) to end. Six sts
Row 26: rep Row 24. Three sts
Transfer sts onto double-pointed needle and work i-cord of two rows
Cut yarn leaving a long tail, thread tail onto tapestry needle and thread through rem sts, fasten off

Jane Doll Scottie Dog Bag

Using 2.5mm needles and Yarn D cast on 24 sts
Row 1 (WS): p
Row 2: (k1, m1, k10, m1, k1) twice. 28 sts
Row 3: p
Bag Chart A is placed in foll rows using Intarsia technique and st st. Beg at bottom-right corner
Row 4: k2, work Bag Chart A, k15
Row 5: p15, work Bag Chart A, p2
Rows 6-15: rep Rows 4-5 five times
Rows 16-17: st st
Row 18: k7, yoh, k2tog, k to end
Row 19: p
Cast off

Chart A
Chart A

Using 3mm needles and Yarn D cast on 60 sts
Row 1 (WS): k to end
Cast off

To Make Up
Using Bag Chart B, work collar detail in ds. Sew side and bottom edges of bag tog. Attach each end of bag handle to top edge of bag with a couple of sts. Sew button on inside back of bag, matching it up with buttonhole

Chart B
Chart B

My Knitted Doll

For the full project, turn to p56 in issue 89 of Let’s Get Crafting: Knitting & Crochet. This project has been adapted from My Knitted Doll by Louise Crowther (£15.99, David & Charles).

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